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Academy Dermatology & Cosmetic is a dermatology center that offers a variety of skin services that make you look and feel better about your body. Whether you want botox injections or vein treatment, our professional, well-trained staff uses the latest techniques to give you the result you want!

Our company has more than 5 years of experience, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best skin service possible.
Skin Services by Our Dermatology Center
• Treatments for Skin Cancer
• Laser Resurfacing: Uncovers Healthier Looking Skin
• Blepharoplasty: Erases the Tired Look from Your Eyes
• Laser Hair Removal: Removes Unwanted Hair
• Botox: Quick, Easy Treatment for Deep Wrinkles & Frown Lines
• Collagen Replacement Therapy: Softer & Smoother Look to Your Face
• Laser Tattoo Removal: Effectively Removes Tattoos w/o Scarring
• Vein Treatment for Face & Legs: Removes Veins & Enlarged Facial Blood Vessels
• Face & Body Peels: Improves Dull, Blotchy, Sun Damaged Skin
• Aesthetic Services: Medically Supervised Therapeutic Facials & Peels
• Microderabrasion

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